What radiation melts the eye

This man had radiation applied to the eye to treat a pterytgium over 20 years earlier. Over time, the radiation causes melting of the wall of the eye, and a dark patch appears where radiation was applied. This dark patch is actually the colour inside the eye, which has now become visible because the wall of the eye has melted. What is worse, with the wall of the eye melted, bugs can get into the eye and cause an infection inside the eye, which can lead to blindness overnight. Not a nice problem!

Dr Maloof patched the hole in the eye using eye tissue from the NSW Lions eye bank. To achieve the ideal aesthetic result, Dr Maloof, exactly matched the clear and white parts of the eye using the donor tissue to match the patients eye. The result looks almost perfectly normal, aside from the 2 stitches which will slowly disappear. But most importantly, the eye is now protected from infection and retains perfect vision.