Orbital Decompression


Orbital decompression surgery is plastic surgery to restore the facial changes of Thyroid disease. The surgery reduces the bulging and assymetry by enlarging the bony cavity which is the orbit. As bone is painless, decompression of the bone creates a minimum of discomfort and pain postoperatively

Orbital decompression surgery can be carried out via keyhole endoscopic surgery through the nose, and small incision surgery through the eyelid crease.

Dr Maloof performs keyhole Orbital Decompression surgery through the nose with Stereotactic Computer navigation to provide millimeter precision and improved accuracy, reducing the postoperative recovery period. In some cases, this can be performed as a day procedure.orbital decompression day 1 postop

The image on the right shows a patient 1 day after orbital decompression surgery

This shows the eye on the right side sitting far behind the eye on the left side. Surgery was carried out through the lefft nostril under stereotactic computer guidance, to allow for precise removal of bone, enlargement of the orbit, and movement of the eye back into the eye socket.


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