Cheek Lift

What is a cheek lift?

The cheek is the zone between the lower eyelids and the side of the nostril.  With age, the cheek drops, creating a hollow below the eyelid and deep nasolabial folds.  A cheeklift is a procedure to elevate the cheek and improve visible signs of aging of the cheek region of the face.


1. Fillers

This is a very practical option to enhance the cheek region of the face, reducing the hollows. Fillers will augment the cheek region and can be administered in a short period of time in the office, with minimal down time and side effects. 

2. Meloplasty

This is a surgical procedure to elevate the cheek. It is often referred to by many different names, creating confusion. In EyePlastic surgery, a meloplasty may be approached from the eyelid, to elevate the muscle and fat to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

3. Cheek implant

In cases where the cheek is underformed, or the eyeball is more prominent compared with the cheek, a cheek implant is a very effective option. This is a permanent solution and Dr Anthony Maloof prefers implants which remain fixed over time, with reduced risk.

4. Extended SMAS lift

This is a lift of the face and cheek, and may also involve the neck. The extended SMAS is designed to involve the tissues of the cheek, lifting it to recontour the cheek region. The skin incision is enlarged slightly within the hair line, which is not easily visible 


After surgery, it may take several weeks to months for the swelling to fully settle, and up to 6 months for the incisions to refine. Results however will be long lasting provided good skin care and a healthy lifestyle are maintained.

After fillers are injected, results are usually apparent immediately, and settle over a few days.