Also known as cosmetic eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty results in a more rested, rejeuventated and alert appearance.


The procedure involves removing excess eyelid skin, tightening of muscles and tisses of the eyelids, and removal of excess fat of the eyelids if needed.

The incision lines for eyelid surgery concealed within natural skin folds or structures of the eyelid. The postion of the scar depends on which procedure is involved and the patients desired outcome.


Swelling, bruising, irritation and discomfort of the eyelid and surrounding region is common after surgery and is controlled with medication and cold compresses. Individual recovery periods vary depending on the the procedure involved.

Diligent sun protection and wearing dark tinted sunglasses until the healing process is complete will speed up recovery.


Final results will appear severeal weeks after surgery and incision lines may take up to a year to refine. Results will be long lasting and continued sun protection will help maintain results.

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