DCR feedback


Reasons for treatment and decisions to come in:

“Watery eyes.” F.F. 70-Regents Park

“Blocked tear ducts and infection, no treatment was curing it, I was referred by another specialist.” R.R.70- Earlwood

“I had a blocked tear duct, it was getting worse and almost constant.” C.J. 76-Miranda

Experiences with the Surgical procedure:

“It was day surgery, there was no excessive pain- I was surprised at the first flushing at the amount of clots that were flushed- Prewarning.” R.R 70-Earlwood

“As It was under local anaesthetic I felt a little pain but it was very tolerable.”   
F.F. 70-Regents Park

“I was very comfortable and I felt at ease.” C.J. 76-Miranda

Describing the recovery process and the ability to return to daily routines:

“With local anaesthesia no recovery time was needed in my case.” F.F.70- Regents Park

“When I woke from surgery I had a severe headache but felt better the next day.”
C.J.76- Miranda

“The procedure was ok, but it took me a week to get over the general anaesthetic.”
 R.R. 70-Earlwood

What would you recommend to others seeking similar Surgery based on your experience?

“Go ahead many problems I have had in my life have all cleared up.” R.R. 70-Earlwood

“I would definitely recommend to go ahead with the surgery.” C.J.76- Miranda

“I felt the local anaesthetic was much better, the outcome was very good.” F.F. 70-Regents Park


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