Skin Laser

Laser treatment is available to rejeuvenate your skin. Many different options are available depending on type of skin, and region of the face. This is a complex area which is rapidly becoming a specialty in it's own right.

Do I need skin laser treatment?

Many patients achieve a benefit from skin laser treatment. This treatment, when combined with Cosmetic or Rejeuvenative surgery, provides an enhanced aesthetic improvement compared with surgery alone.

Timing of Skin laser treatment and Aesthetic Surgery

The timing of each treatment will depend on the type of laser treatment, and the type of surgery. There are no hard-and-fast rules, and results will vary according to desired treatment and outcome. Close rapport and liaison between the surgeon and the dermatologist involved in skin laser treatment will minimse risk of adverse event and maximise aesthetic outcome.

Dr Anthony Maloof and Skin Laser

As part of surgical planning, Dr Anthony Maloof may advise on the benefits and timing for skin laser, and arrange for appropriate involvement of a Dermatologist with experience in this area.


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