Fillers are a unique non surgical method to treat both cosmetic and medical changes reducing visible signs of aging such as static wrinkles (see point 2 below) and hollows, as well as other skin disease. Although there are many different types of fillers, our preferred filler at Eyes & Faces is made of NASHA (Non animal stabilised hyaluronic acid), which is sold under different names. NASHA fillers are safe, effective and completely reversible. At Eyes & Faces, we provide fillers to the entire face, and our specialty is tailoring fillers to the region around the eyes and midface.

When are fillers used?

Dermal fillers are used to:

1) fill hollows in the region around the eyes, including hollows below the eyes and vertical folds between the brow

2) fill hollows around the lower face and mouth or reduce static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are wrinkles which are present at rest or when not performing facial expressions, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines and cheek hollows. These differ from dynamic wrinkles.

3) enhance the cheek, chin, brow and sub brow region, lip and eyes. Fillers will increase the volume, and enhance the contour and definition of these regions.

4) treat acne / scarring of the face - a small amount of filler is injected under the scar to elevate it and reduce the size of the visible depression due to the scar.


Results are immediately visible and it may take a few weeks for the final long term result to become established. Results typically last 9-18 months depending on the area and product used.


The side effects of fillers are usually temporary and localised to the area of injection. Possible side effects include pain, bruising, swelling or lumpiness which subsides with gentle massage.


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