Additional treatment for watery eye

For blockages of the bony part of the tear drain causing watery eye, a dacryocystorhinostomy is required. For blockages occuring in other parts of the tear drain causing watery eye, the treatments below may be required.  


The tiny opening to the tear drain may need to be enlarged. This is called a "punctoplasty" (also known as a 3 snip) and a wider opening into the tear drain means it is more likely to drain away the tears. This is a minor outpatient procedure which can be done in the office.



stentsThe horizontal part of the tear drain can be widened with a rubber tube called a "stent". This stent remains in place for weeks to months, and the silicone tube stretches the narrowing in the soft part of the tear drain. It may be visible in the corner of the eye. The tube is normally painless, and can be removed in the office.



ljt In some patients, the tear pumping mechanism fails, which means that the tears are not pumped out of the eye. In this circumstance, a "Jones tube" provides relief of the watery eye, and allows a bypass for the tears to drain into the nose. The image on the left shows a Jones tube. The video on the right shows yellow dye flowing down the Jones tube into the nose.



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