Skin Cancers

Skin cancers develop from different layers of the skin. There are different types each with it's own pattern of activity and risks. Skin cancers may be surgically removed by Mohs surgery followed by Mohs reconstruction, radiotherapy or treated with topical medical skin cancer therapy. Dr Anthony Maloof performs reconstruction after either Mohs surgery or primary removal of the cancer. 

sccSCC (squamous cell carcinoma)
SCC can present and grow rapidly, with risk of spreading to the rest of the body. It develops from the upper most layer of skin cells, and is best treated with Mohs surgery.



bccBCC (basal cell carcinoma)
BCC is the most common type of cancer arising around the eyes. It develops from the deep layer of skin cells, and will spread to surrounding tissue, gradually eroding it like "rust". It grows slowly, and often appears as a lump, misdiagnosed as a "stye" or a cyst.



This is typically a darkly pigmented tumour which can arise anywhere on the skin of the eyelid or face. It grows slowly, and has a high risk of spreading to other parts of the body. Mohs surgery is not used to remove this tumour.


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