Eyelid Disorders

Eyelid disorders require specialised Eyelid surgery. The more common eyelid disorders are listed below.


This is a drooping of the upper eyelid, causing tirednes, or restriction of vision, which may worsen throughout the day. People are often accused of being tired (like Sleepy!) or substance abusers, and are often misjudged as being of lesser intelligence. Ptosis may occur from birth, but most patients develop it over time. It is worse in eye rubbers. Dr Maloof performs surgery to elevate the eyelids and restore the natural position. Often both eyelids require surgery.


entropionThis is an inward turning lower eyelid which causes irritation and wateryness of the eyes as lashes rub on the eyes. Chronic eyelid rubbing may precipitate the development of ectropion. Dr Maloof performs surgery to reposition and tighten the eyelids. Often both eyelids require surgery. Both the appearance and function of the eyelids will be restored


ectropionThis is a turning out of the lower eyelid which appears red, causing irritation and wateryness of the eye. The eye is exposed and if severe, may develop scarring. The most common cause is a tightening of the skin of the face. Facial weakness and skin cancers are other causes. Dr Maloof performs surgery to elevate the eyelids and restore their natural position.


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