Like it or not, we all age. Aging causes changes in the entiire body, and in the face these changes include ALL the parts of the face including bone, soft tissue such as muscle and fibrous tissue, and skin. Exposure to UV rays and change in the immune system also lead to an increase risk of skin cancers.

What does surgery do?

Surgery to address the aging appearance is REJEUVENATIVE surgery. This restores a more youthful appearance, but does NOT change a persons basic features. Rejeuvenative surgery lifts sagging skin, and removes excess. Most patients seeking elective aesthetic facial surgery choose this type of surgery. Surgery which changes the natural shape of the face is COSMETIC surgery. This changes a persons features, such as contouring the shape of a nose, changing the crease of the eyelid, or augmenting the chin or cheek with an implant. 

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In the case of skin cancers, Mohs surgery aims to remove the skin cancer completely, and reconstructive surgery will restore both function and cosmetic appearance.

What can you do?

Select your parents would be great. Failing that, other important things include minimising alcohol, avoiding smoking and smokers, eating fresh foods and minimising processed foods, minimising sun exposure, maintaining a healthy body weight and avoiding cyclical dieting and drink plenty of water.

Minimally invasive surgery versus full surgery



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